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Step by step: Create a tower of flowers for your garden

If you want to give a different and creative touch to your garden, this is a step by step tutorial about how to make this simple motif.

What you’ll need:

– circle wires 4 feet tall with openings of 2 “x 4″
– gardening fabric
– cable
– scissors
– a pot – 13” diameter
– working gloves

Step 1: Build the cylinder
Set the fencing wire diameter of the pot.

Step 2: Mount the cylinder
Set the ends of the enclosure with the straps to secure the cylinder.

Step 3: Cover with cloth
Wrap the outside of the tower with landscaping fabric.

Step 4: Cut and set the fabric
Fold the excess fabric on the top of the fence. Make small slits in the fabric to fit the straps; secure it to the wire.

Step 5: Fill the inside with sand
Fill 1/3 of the tower with earth and water it to settle. Repeat this step until you complete the tower.

Step 6: Fill in the outer
Garden shovel used to fill a container for ground outside the tower.

Step 7: Cut holes in the fabric
Starting at the top of the cylinder, cut small “X” on the web coinciding with the holes in the fence.
Read full directions here.

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