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How to make red pepper flakes – DIY tutorial

This just might be the simplest DIY on file. There is just something about the sowing of seeds and watching them grow and transform to a harvest-able state. Sometimes the harvest brings immediate sustenance, and sometimes a little more patience is involved.

Follow these steps in order to transform cayenne into hot red pepper flakes:
– harvest your cayenne when bright red from tip to stem or purchase them
– string them up using a needle and thread
– hang them to dry out of direct light and where you can admire their beauty
– allow them to dry through and through-the timing here will depend on the humidity
– once dry, pop off the stems and place the peppers in a blender
– save any “fallen” seeds for next years garden
– blend on “chop” (with the lid on tightly)
– pour flakes into a dry, air tight jar and label

Remember that hot peppers are just that; HOT. Use gloves whenever handling peppers or risk having your skin burn. You also might consider wearing a mask or tying something around your mouth and nose when handling and blending these peppers and letting all of the “dust” settle in the blender before pouring the flakes into their jar.
Because of the burning nature of these peppers, it is not a good idea to try to speed up the drying of your peppers using your oven or dehydrator without risking the fumes reeking havoc on your home and every living creature in it! Alternatively, a solar (outdoor) dehydrator might just work if you have such a set up!
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