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How to grow tulips in problem places

Fill the bottom third of an aquatic basket with equal parts of compost and grit. Place bulbs on the surface, at a depth of roughly 10cm, spacing them 3-4cm apart. Cover with compost to the top of the basket.

Prepare a hole in your border the same width as the aquatic basket, and 4-5cm deeper than the height of the basket.

Plunge the basket into the hole and backfill with soil. Water well and mark the spot so that you don’t plant over it by mistake.

Once your tulips have finished flowering, remove the dead blooms. Carefully lift the basket out of the soil, leaving the foliage intact.

Stand the basket in a sunny spot to dry out for at least eight weeks, then lift bulbs from the soil, and clean and store them. Don’t water them. Then, simply replant in autumn.
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