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How to grow potatoes in 8 easy steps

The process of planting potatoes will be very simple if you follow the advices we suggest. Planting potatoes will provide excellent results, as each plant produces a large number of tubers and is very easy to grow. The potato is a plant that comes from South America where it is grown for centuries for its fruits, called tubers (thickened roots), which are rich in starch. They grown in temperate climates and fertile soils rich in organic matter and require frequent and abundant irrigation. In this article we explain how to easily plant potatoes.


The potato plant requires fertile, well drained and rich in organic matter with a depth of about 60 inches soils. Therefore, if we are going to plant potatoes in pots, they also must have 60 cm or more.

You need to make holes spaced 40 centimeters apart and introduce the potatoes with sprouts we have left upwards.

The potatoes should form a row. If you plant different rows, you will separate your rows about 70 inches, which is the correct distance for plants to develop in perfect condition.

We leave the plants for the summer watering regularly.

Two weeks before harvest, the plants must be cut off just above the root leaving above the ground.

Two weeks after the plants were cut, we can remove the potatoes from the earth and they are ready for consumption.
Here is full tutorial.

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