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Feng shui garden design tips

Good Feng Shui garden design and backyard landscaping ideas should include elements that help create a sense of security and comfort. Large rocks, stone walls and rock gardens are beautiful and modern garden ideas. Full article here.
It is important to create an open area in front of the house doors to allow the Qi energy freely flow inside the house and around, bringing positive changes. Do not plant large trees close to the front door. See more pictures here.
A swimming pool or pond with goldfish and water plants, a fountain or waterfall with rocks and grasses are necessary to Feng Shui garden design, front yard or backyard landscaping ideas. Full article here.
Good Feng Shui garden design and backyard landscaping ideas include three elements: water, rocks and plants. Simple and decorative rock gardens are wonderful elements to Feng Shui garden designs in Eastern style. Read more directions here.
Each plant generates, uses and stores energy. To balance energy flow, each area of your garden or backyard should have a particular color palette, created with your favorite plants and flowers. Full tutorial in this link.
Large trees should not be planted close to a house. Large trees trap the energy, flowing into a house, and send it to their roots. Trees and shrubs are great backyard landscaping ideas. View more photos here.

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