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DIY techniques for creating productive vegetable gardens

5 DIY techniques for creating productive vegetable gardening beds
LOVE this idea. I think this will be my next project! Really creative! Thanks the author for sharing these ideas! Full article is here.
Small vegetable garden plans and ideas
Here are great instructions about how to create a small garden, just what I was looking for. Great tutorial for all gardeners! Read tutorial here.
Easy small vegetable garden ideas to try
This really makes me want to grow something on my balcony! Its super small and this would be the perfect use for it. I’m really happy to see this post. More directions here.
Simple tips for growing your own vegetable garden
I love a beautiful garden. And I agree, starting with a plan gives you that sense of calm order – whether it’s formal or relaxed and loose! A good plan can really help you get more out of whatever space you have by timing spring, summer and fall plantings correctly. Happy growing! Full article here.
Woven willow garden bed
In this simple project, branches are woven around stakes to create a beautiful and durable border for a raised garden bed. Get basic instructions for this project here.
Sack garden project
This is a very productive, low cost sack planter demonstration garden!! Lovely project which definitely deserves a try! See full directions here.

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