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Creative flower beds designed for your special garden

Weave your own elevated flower bed
This is a great idea! I’m going to try a small one.Thanks for the tutorial! Very attractive, and simple. Also I love the usage of what might become trash. Full article in this link.
Hanging flower tins
This is the coolest idea! This looks so awesomely easy! Thanks for the inspiration, however. I’m willing to give it a go. Read more directions in this link.
Lovely and very creative! Inspire your own flower bed from these lovely ideas! I will definitely do so! Follow this link to read full tutorial.
Marble chip flower bed DIY
Nice idea and the colors are marvelous. Very inspirational! You can give it a try if you have an apartment. Read full article by following this link.
Boat planter
What a lovely and ingenious idea! Do you have an old boat at home? Try this amazing restauration and give a new life to the old junk! Read more instruction here.
Love it! Want to make one! This is so pretty! And something I think I could actually do! This is awesome! It is truly an eye catching flower arrangement to have on your porch, I am sure cars will be slowing down to see what an amazing tower of flowers! Full directions here.

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