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Creative DIY solutions for raised garden beds

Find your preferred garden idea and try to create it on your yard. Here are few beautiful examples we found on the internet.

Raised garden beds organize your planting areas, making them easier to manage and more convenient to maintain. Sidestepping potential issues with soil quality, reducing pest problems and virtually eliminating the need to weed, raised beds are an ideal way to grow herbs, vegetables or ornamental plants. Here we present great DIY garden bed ideas and tutorials, many of which reclaim materials like pallets, bed frames and water troughs.

You can turn an old dresser into a tiered vertical garden! This project could be as simple as placing potted plants inside the drawers, or you could staple landscape fabric to the inside and fill them with soil.

Sunset offers plans for a simple cedar raised garden bed that’s about eight feet long and four feet wide, making the middle easy to reach from either side. Made of rot-resistant wood, this garden bed will last many seasons.

Try to create your own self-watering salad table! Three durable bins are placed in a wooden frame. Smaller plastic baskets fitted with PVC pipes are placed upside-down inside the larger bins, and the whole thing is filled with soil. Salad tables lift these vulnerable greens up off the ground to reduce pest problems and make them easier to access.

Line the inside of a reclaimed pallet with landscape fabric, fill it with soil, plant it with the herbs, veggies or flowers of your choice and lean it up against a wall. This vertical garden is quick, simple and inexpensive with beautiful results.
Read full tutorial in this link.

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