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Create your dream garden using native plants

Have you ever dreamed of having a fantastic garden which your visitors marvel, is the envy of neighbors and let everyone perplexed when seeing it? Not a dream! You can make it happen with native plants.

Such plants are species that grow naturally in a region, ecosystem or habitat.
They don’t need fertilizers, pesticides or many cares, they grow in the area where you live and that’s what makes them so special: the weather conditions are already given for having developed in that specific place.

While it is true that placing native plants requires some planning and patience, the rewards are many once the task has been completed.

What do you need?
Choose plants with good growth in your specific area after researching which are those. Then choose the style of garden you want: butterfly, meadow, shrubs or combinations.
By planting native seeds, especially if it is meadows, you need a smooth and firm seedbed free of weeds. Be aware that some seeds need special methods of planting.

Be patience
It may take two or three years for some plants finally leave the ground. On the early growth of the plant, they will be developing their roots. Then they begin to fill the area and keep the garden free of weeds.
Just remember the keys to plant your native plants: research, careful planning and patience. It requires discipline and tranquility, but the results can be a unique, beautiful and inexpensive garden.
Experts agree that you should use seeds or plants that come from reputable dealers who are, at most, 250 miles away. If you use mixtures of seeds or plants of different states, it is likely that germination to be unsuccessful.
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