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All you need to know about growing salad – DIY tutorials

How to: Grow a year-round salad garden
This looks like an excellent outline for an apartment garden. Thanks for the tips! There is so much we can do with a little space like herbs on a windowsill and small container pots. It just takes some simple advice, guidance and a basic understanding. See full article.
Growing lettuce in containers
Harvest lettuce right from your kitchen by planting it in a colander. This super simple project even makes for an impressive table display. Read full tutorial.
Salad greens grow great in containers. For a nice variety of lettuces, plant a mesclun mix, which contains a blend of seeds. Here are full directions.
How to grow lettuce and salad greens
Lettuce and salad greens are favorites in the spring and fall garden. They’re easy to grow and work exceptionally well in raised beds, cold frames, and containers. And with a little planning, you can keep the harvest going throughout much of the year. More instruction here.
How to build and grow your own salad table
The benefits of planting in a salad table are that you won’t have to kneel down to plant or harvest, weeds are unlikely and rabbits and squirrels won’t as easily disturb your crop. If you don’t want to dig a garden or put in a raised bed, a salad table will give you more options than container gardening. Read full article here.

How to grow an indoor salad greens windowbox garden
Windowbox gardens are indeed easy to start and this is a great how to. Salad greens are very easy to start by seed and can be grown indoors near a sunny window or outdoors on a small balcony since they don’t require pollination. Full tutorial in this link.

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