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7 genius small space garden ideas and solutions

Seriously though, that’s really impressive – especially for that price! love it. A great idea for recycling old furniture and a very creative use. My imagination is running wild for other furniture. Full tutorial here.
Kitchen fairy garden
That is the perfect kitchen fairy garden. I love this fairy garden using fun vintage kitchen items. So cute! Great job and very creative. More directions here.
Small space veggie garden
Cool idea for the planters/pipe border. I think the garden fills out nicely in any small space you have available in the yard. You can use them both as planters and borders for lawn/groundcover. I may steal that idea for my own yard! Here is full article.
Decorative pond from old tires
Nice idea. I always wanted to build my own pond. Someday I will definitely have one in my own garden. This is a great, and relatively inexpensive idea! Thanks the author for the wonderful and affordable concept. See full instructions in this link.
WOW! This is just amazing and gorgeous. Well done! Silver, dark green, bright yellow-green… I love the variety of textures and colors in the succulents. It is a relatively easy project and extremely rewarding. Here are full directions.
Small space vegetable garden
Really good post! The drippers look nice. Good ideas and recycles wooden boxes. Easy to move around to follow the sun in a shady garden. Nice idea even if you have plenty of space but just want to add some style to the garden. More infos here.
Little garden box
I am so impressed with this garden. I’ve love to have such a sweet pooch and a backyard for that matter. I’m considering a garden this year & this would be a great approach to take. I really love the way it turned out!! Tutorial here.

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