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10 Flower Arranging Tips

Arranging home flowers is one of the best things you can do to in order to create a more cheerful and comfortable atmosphere in your home. There are so many combinations you can create and lots of floral species.  Just imagine your house as a garden of Eden where you can invent a vegetable paradise that will make your home the best place to live. And to achieve this it is easy as pie. Follow these tips to get the most special flower arrangement.

The composition of the arrangement is essential

The greens are very important: it brings freshness and also are fashionable, like the colorful arrangements. Use strong mixtures of highly contrasting color. You can also include some fruit, such as apples or oranges. It will give more interest to the composition. The key is simplicity and wild, improvised style.

Keep your flower arrangement in perfect condition

A trick from ‘grandmother’ in order to prolong the good condition of the flowers is to pour a couple of tablespoons of lemon or vinegar to the water: acid kills bacteria. The acetylsalicylic acid also extend the life of the good flowers.

The clean vase with cold water’ll have to change it every day and keep away from sources of heat or cold. Let the water stand a few hours before watering to chlorine evapore. Never leave them near ripe fruits or vegetables that produce ethylene. This accelerates the aging process of the flowers wither, like smoke snuff.

Tips for cutting

When you cut the garden flowers is important to do it during the coolest part of the day and place them in lukewarm water with flower food. Do not use scissors to cut the stems, use a razor or knife with good edge. Do not forget to trim about 2 cms often stems so the flowers stay fresh. So keep your floral arrangement is perfect condition for a longer period.


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